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It's easy to be listed in our Directory . . .

First click Post an Ad from the top menu and then follow the instructions.

Select your province, name your operation, feedlot or facility and then check your type of cattle.

If you have a website, great - if not, you can still list all the information you would like others to view.

The map will automatically pinpoint your location according to the information submitted in the town/city, province & postal code boxes.

If you do not want a map location shown, don't fill in these boxes, just place this info in the "Description" box instead.

One photo is permitted - this could be your logo, a favorite animal or farm picture. If no photo is uploaded, the default "Angus Directory" logo will be used.

Be sure to keep your activation email - that way you can update your information at any time. 


* Any listing not deemed of interest to the Angus community will be rejected or removed.



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